Happy Holidays and Testdroid Year-2014 Roundup

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Happy Holidays Testdroid Mobile App Testing

Year 2015 is right around the corner. On behalf of everyone at Testdroid, we appreciate all of you using Testdroid services for mobile app development and your feedback for making Testdroid an even better platform year over year.

Looking back at 2014, Testdroid is proud of its industry-leading services and innovations. These advances bolster Testdroid’s core value proposition and bring even greater return on investment for you. Now, we have picked up and below listed 7 major advances for any of you that would like to review our progress or are new to Testdroid.

1. JIRA integration

Three months ago, we announced Testdroid’s integration with Atlassian’s JIRA. This is a very important achievement that it greatly helps mobile app developers facilitate the issue tracking, reporting and sharing within team. Companies aiming at agile development and testing now can really leverage the integration of Testdroid and JIRA to meet business goals in a faster pace.

Take a look at how to connect your JIRA with Testdroid Cloud here.

2. Appium 1.0 support

Back in May, we added Appium 1.0 support to all of Testdroid products, enabling enterprises to use this cross-platform test automation framework for their development and testing needs. As one of the hottest frameworks out there, Appium support has got the most asked and is widely asked framework at Testdroid.

Watch this short video about test automation using Appium with real devices

3. Testdroid Interactive – Remote manual testing

Manual testing as an addition to Testdroid has filled all kinds of testing need by launching Testdroid Interactive. It provides an instant, remote manual access to our devices and users can take an interactive remote access and debugging session to these devices by using a web browser.

A quick tutorial of how to get quickly started with Testdroid Interactive

4. Testdroid PrivateCloud

As a Device-as-a-Service platform, Testdroid PrivateCloud enables enterprises to access dedicated, pre-selected and customized devices hosted by Testdroid for mobile app development and testing at anytime, anywhere. It is the right choice that you should be looking at if either public testing or in-house solution works for your need.

5. Testdroid 2.0 – Fresh New UI

We also introduced the new UI for Testdroid Cloud – Testdroid 2.0. Though the classic one is still accessible, the new version is easier to use and navigate, more concise, and more features supported, e.g. Testdroid Interactive can be found there, but not on classic one.

6. Testdroid iOS App Crawler

Since the release of Testdroid App Crawler for iOS, we have the complete suite for any testing needs on Android and iOS platform. Testdroid App Crawler has the capability to conduct quick smoke testing and instantly check device compatibility and app UI. It means that you don’t need to have any test scripts to run tests.

7. Unity3D Game Engine Support on Testdroid Recorder (free forever)

Finally, we’d like to emphasize the support of scripting games powered by Unity3D Engine on Testdroid Recorder. If you have games developed with Unity3D, you can simply rely on Testdroid Recorder to generate and playback the script. More importantly, it’s totally free now.

Here we are. We thank you for your trust and confidence and hope you have enjoyed Testdroid’s services in 2014. And we wish you all Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with prosperity and success!


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