Highlights on Mobile DevOps at Bitbar Cloud from 2017

Bitbar's Review of 2017

2017 was another exciting year for Bitbar. We introduced powerful new features and teamed up with new partners to strengthen our mobile DevOps platform. ‘Speed’ is the single word to be used to wrap up the achievements for the year. We want to take this opportunity to have an annual review.

Highlights of the year

After landing on IBM Cloud (previously IBM Bluemix) in 2016, Bitbar Cloud is now also available on Atlassian Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.

Bitbar Cloud on Atlassian Marketplace >> Read more

In the mid of the year, we added Bitbar Cloud to Atlassian Marketplace, breaking the barriers between Devs, Test and Ops teams. When every build needs instant quality verification and hundreds of tests are automated and executed in a day, it’s imperative to strengthen communication between teams and move things forward from mobile device testing to issue creation to troubleshooting.

Bitbar Cloud is accessible through AWS Marketplace >> Read more

Mobile teams at Enterprises can now simplify the deployment and procurement of mobile device testing solution by reusing existing AWS payment terms and subscribing to Bitbar Cloud through AWS Marketplace. In the end, getting started with Bitbar Cloud via AWS Marketplace accelerates the process of adopting mobile test automation and building a cohesive app delivery pipeline.


Like Bitbar, Neotys is also a frontier in DevOps with continuous performance testing, which makes Bitbar and Neotys a perfect mobile DevOps team. The joint force is aimed to help companies to accelerate the verification of app performance and user experience by generating load tests with a great number of virtual users concurrently and executing functional testing on real Android and iOS devices at the same time.

Updates to Bitbar Cloud Infrastructure

Bitbar Cloud got dockerized  >> Read more

This year we deepened the adoption of container technology by moving Bitbar Cloud to docker. In a way, the dockerization has allowed us to take the initiatives on new technology and features earlier and faster. More importantly, it gives our clients more flexibility and early chances to try out new things in Android and iOS platform, open test frameworks, and services for build, CI/CD and deployment without concerns of breaking their existing stable environments.

Reconstructed Remote Device Control Service >> Read more

Unveiled in November, our new remote device control service is now much faster, helping you quickly reproduce real-world scenarios and troubleshoot special issues on real mobile devices. Sign up today and try it out.

ChatOps – Collaboration and Communication >> Read more

To reach the full potential of mobile DevOps, speeding up collaboration and communication between teams is critical. We added new integrations with Slack and HipChat to help teams share and get instantaneous feedback and move fast.

Top Content for DevOps and Mobile Device Testing in 2017

Mobile DevOps Ebook

Same as our transformation from a mobile app testing solution to today’s mobile DevOps platform, we’ve seen more companies have started or are getting started with DevOps practices over the year.

Download the ebook – Manifesto: Everything about Mobile DevOps

XCUITest Ebook and Appium Ebook

Since the end of development and support on Calabash, mobile developers have been moving to Appium for cross-platform app testing or the combination of Espresso and XCUITest for continuous test automation.

Download the ebook – An Essential Guide to XCUITest/XCTest Framework for iOS App Testing

Download the ebook – The Beginner’s Guide to Using Appium for Mobile App Testing

The year ahead

Of course, all of the above items are combined as an epitome of 2017. You can find out more from Bitbar blog. We’re looking forward to an even more awesome 2018.


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  • Thank you very much for the article! I agree that the year 2017 was excellent and you did a lot for Bitbar. I hope that 2018 will also be productive.