How to Build Large Scale In-House Test Labs

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Dear Testdroiders,

In the past months, we’ve been receiving a massive number of requests and questions about when are we going to run a new blog series dedicated to specific test automation subject. Our prior blog series, such as 10 Best Practices for Mobile App Testing and Deconstructing Mobile Testing Methods were amazing success and we got tons of great feedback from you.

Well, today I’ve great news for you! We’re starting officially tomorrow our new blog series about setting up a large-scale in-house test lab and what things you need to consider when build it. Get a local copy to learn how to build an on-premise test labs for your needs.


In the following five weeks we’ll be covering all these aspects and introduce our best practices more in depth here in our blog. So, join us each Wednesday – starting on May 14, 2014 for our first blog. The blog series will cover the following topics:

May 14 – Introduction to In-House Test Labs and Why Should You Set Up One
May 21 – What Devices Do You Need for Testing, How Many and How to Select Them
May 28 – Required Infrastructure
June 4 – How to Create Enterprise Grade Reliability for In-house Test Labs
June 17 – Operational Part of Device Labs – How to Run Device Lab Efficiently

For a complete picture, you can watch our newly recorded webinar about building large scale in-house test lab:

Watch this webinar

As always, your feedback is what we are living for: we welcome all input about our blogs. Feel free to drop me an email at ville-veikko [dot] helppi [at] bitbar [dot] com for any comments.

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See you again Tomorrow!

Build a Large Scale In-House Test Lab for Mobile Apps

Learn best practices from this guide to maximize the ROI by building a flawless in-house test lab.