How to Record Videos of Remote Test Automation Runs

video recording of remote test automation runs

Video recording for mobile app testing is a neat feature that provides video as an output from the remote test sessions. When you start a test run on any number of devices and something goes wrong with any of those device runs, it’s a great feature to check what actually happened on that run – by looking at the video.

Video Recording on Any Number of Devices Simultaneously

One of the greatest benefits of mobile test automation is that its users are able to run their test scripts simultaneously on number of real mobile devices. This sort of parallelism brings the efficiency in testing and significantly improves the productivity, and gets things done earlier.

Video recording combined with simultaneous test runs on devices enables even not technical QA team members to check what goes wrong in a test run, without investigating logs or other useful data.

With this new enhancement in Bitbar Public Cloud (Testdroid Cloud) users can record videos of all their test sessions while they use any of supported test automation frameworks: Robotium, Calabash, Appium (both, Server and Client-Side), UIAutomator, Espresso and App Crawler on Android.

So, how to get started? Simply start a test run for your Android application with any set of devices, using any test automation framework, and all sessions will be recorded and maintained in the test run view. After all tests are finalized results will be available and even downloadable for local inspection. Please get in touch with your dedicated customer representative to enable this feature for you.

Video Recording Enabled in Private Cloud and On-Premise

This new improvement is available across all Bitbar Testing product deployment options. Recording a video is now possible if you have a private cloud set up for you – or you use Bitbar On-Premise product in your local environment. And naturally the same feature is available for all Bitbar Public Cloud users with Business account.

Want to know more about these features available with Private Cloud and On-Premise solutions? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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