How to Test Mobile Websites Manually at Testdroid Cloud

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Hi everyone,

The Interactive feature in Testdroid Cloud has been out for couple of months and widely used by anyone who wants to get manual access to the last Android devices at an affordable price.

We have introduced how to use Appium/Selenium for mobile web development and testing. Today, we will have a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to test mobile websites manually with Interactive. Here we go.

1. Log into Testdroid Cloud (create yourself a free account if you don’t have)

Testdroid Cloud Login

2. Once you’re logged in, you will be landed on Projects view. Now switch to Interactive view.

Testdroid Cloud Interactive Tab

3. Upload any .apk file at the moment

Upload app in interactive

4. Select your desired device

Select device in Interactive

5. When the device is prepared, the app will be launched.

App launch at Testdroid Cloud Interactive

6. Now click on the ‘back’ button and return to the home screen

Home screen on phone

7. At this point you can launch your desired web browser

Launch web browser

8. Type in the url of the website you want to test (Note! Do NOT habitually press backspace key on your keyboard if you type it wrong. Otherwise you will leave the view of Interactive.)

website url


9. Scroll up/down like you drag on your smartphone. And take screenshots whenever you want.

Scroll up/down


Take screenshots

Hope this step-by-step tutorial will help you successfully do manual web testing with Interactive. Enjoy manual testing at Testdroid Cloud.

Interested to see how your website looks on different devices and browsers? Strat with Testdroid Cloud Interactive now.

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