How to use JIRA Together with Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

Few weeks ago, we enabled the JIRA integration to help you to more efficiently manage your projects, defects and do the actual testing. This seamless transition between testing on real devices and defect and project tracking environment is now available at Testdroid Cloud. In case you haven’t tried or not using it yet, take a look:

Testdroid loves JIRA

Here are the basic steps to get your personal/corporate JIRA environment up and running with Testdroid Cloud projects:

1) Login to Testdroid Cloud using the new front-end ( NOTE! The integration is not available at classic version!

2) Click open for My Account (under top-right menu under your user profile).

3) On My Account you can find Connect to JIRA button. Click it and the following configuration will be open:

JIRA Configuration View

4) Configure the proper JIRA URL, username and password.

5) Fetch the certificate. Now, this varies a lot depending on if you use Mac or Windows, what web browser you have in use and so on. If you are a Windows user, you can get it from web browser and Mac users can use Keychain Access to obtain the file. When everything is configured properly you will see this:

JIRA Configuration done

6) You have now established a connection between Testdroid Cloud and JIRA successfully. The details as well as deletion of certificate and connection can be done in this view.

7) In order to use the JIRA integration while working on Testdroid Cloud, look for JIRA logos JIRA logoon top right corner of each window and view. When clicked, you’ll have personalized view opened for you as follows:

JIRA issues view8) Under Project you can find the same projects that are available in your JIRA instance.  Issue type allows you to set the type of issue you want to enter, Summary captures the most essential description of the issue, Priority is severity of an issue (e.g. Critical, Cosmetic) and the Description where user can write all details about the issue as well as include links back to Testdroid Cloud project/defect so that developers can quickly investigate the issue.

Happy testing!