How to use uiautomator within Testdroid Cloud

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What is the uiautomator and what can it be used for? Basically, uiautomator testing framework let’s you test your user interface (UI) efficiently by creating automated functional UI test cases that can be executed against applications on different set of Android devices. The uiautomator is a Java library containing APIs to create customized functional UI tests, and an execution engine to automate and run the tests.

A quick comparison of uiautomator and Robotium frameworks can be found from here.

How to create and use uiautomator tests in Testdroid Cloud

1. If you don’t have login credentials to Testdroid Cloud, register as a new user by entering your email to the following section on the front page:


   2. Confirm your email address by clicking a link in the activation email sent to you.

3. Login into Testdroid Cloud at Testdroid Cloud

4. Once successfully logged in, hover your mouse on top of Create project button and select Android UIAutomator from the dropdown menu:


   5. As a step #1, upload your application (.APK) to Testdroid Cloud by locating file from your machine.

6. Upload uiautomator test package (.zip or .jar) as a step #2. For more information about uiautomator test creation, please visit:

7. You can now configure your test execution by clicking Advanced configuration.

8. Test can be started by either clicking Start new test run (step #4) or Apply and start new test under configuration (step #3).

9. Once results will be ready, you’ll notified about it by email. You can also track the execution under “Test Run” view.


Quick steps to get up and running with UIAutomator:

1. Plug in your Android device. Please make sure your Android version is 4.1 or newer.

2. Start uiautomatorviewer that can be found under installed Android SDK’s /tools folder.

3. More information about uiautomatorviewer and uiautomator can be found from Google’s Developer Site:

4. More information about Testdroid Cloud and uiautomator integration can be found in this video:

Have a great testing with Testdroid and uiautomator!

PS. It would be awesome to hear your thoughts about Testdroid’s new features, improvement ideas, and basically anything related to Testdroid. Just drop me an email at ville-veikko [dot] helppi [at] bitbar [dot] com.

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