Instagram in Testdroid Cloud

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We will be writing a short series of blog posts on using Testdroid tools, Recorder and Cloud for testing your applications behaviour on all the different devices automatically and after every change. In theses posts we show, how to use Recorder to record your clicks and drags on your device and how to create good set of testcases. You don’t have to create everything from empty class. After that, you can simply run the tests in Cloud and check how your application looks on different resolutions, UI themes, APIs or hardware platforms.
In the series, we present how Testdroid works with the new top photo application on Android platform – Instagram: We will write how we recorded and improved our Instagram testcases for blackbox testing, without any modifications to the APK. Then we show how to deal with problem with slow network or delays. We also explain how to create testcases for applications with login and how to set order for them. And finally we will present and explain the results from Testdroid Cloud and what feedback developer will receive. Stay tuned 🙂