Instagram tests in Testdroid Cloud

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Hi all.
In previous blog posts we presented how to create good test suites and how to optimize them for dynamic data. Today we will explain how to run the tests in Testdroid cloud and tell how to interpret the results. We will show why every developer should make use of Testdroid Cloud to improve app quality and provide great user experience to all 300M+ Android users in the world!

Running tests
There are two options how to run the test cases in Testdroid Cloud. First is to use Testdroid Recorder feature – Run in Cloud. Make sure that Testdroid Recorder is installed and you are running the latest version. Start Eclipse IDE and open a Android test project and right-click on it. Select Run as -> Run in Cloud option from the menu:

If you haven’t used Recorder before it asks you to log in with your credentials. If you don’t have account yet, just can create a new account here:

Provide your application APK for your tests and click OK. If application project was linked into test project, Recorder automatically uploads the application APK and instrumentation APK.

Testdroid Recorder will upload your APK and then uploads the Android instrumentation. When the upload process is completed, you see the name of the project in the status section. Log in and open the project that was just created and check the test result details.

There is also another way to add new project: Please open and login. There you can create a new project, open it and upload manually your application APK, instrumentation APK and set up configuration for it.
We highly recommend to use Testdroid Recorder and Run in Cloud feature.

There is also a REST API available, if you want to run your tests on all devices as part of your continuous integration process. If you are interested in that, please contact us at sales (at)

Instagram testcases
Instagram has a experimental feature – Advanced Camera. Developers created own version of camera activity to take a photo. By default, it is default option on some devices (probably they tested it on them) so we will check it in our cloud. Testing on 100+ devices 🙂


On few devices we can’t use application (camera did not start correctly), on some we saw problems in middle of test cases and on many did not have any problems. Thanks to our Testdroid Cloud we can easily check which devices have problems. Please look on HTC One X and HTC One S. First didn’t have any problems with application, but second one stopped on login testcase. This would be good first feedback for Instagram developers.
Second good way to get feedback is screenshot feature. We can easily take screenshot on “Advanced camera” and check how taken photos look like.

First screen is from HTC Desire S, second and third are from HTC EVO 3D. As you can see, there are some issues: No connection to device (to camera), artifacts and wrong orientation. If app developers would run these test cases in Testdroid Cloud, they could easily check on which phones they have problems to fix and avoid 1-star ratings and unnecessary uninstalls.




We presented how easy it is to make sure your app works on good amount of devices and how you can make sure you address the widest possible audience for your app without need to own the actual devices or without tedious manual testing processes. With few clicks you can check how your application UI looks and work on different devices and Android versions. Take care!