Instatest Features Preview

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Hi all,

we have made big changes to Instatest, which will be available soon in Testdroid Cloud.

Instatest is an unique and intelligent application crawler for smoke testing your apps. It crawls through your native or web Android application based on the view hierarchy and generates automatically tests based on buttons and activities. If you have login in your app, you can give the username and password and Instatest will use to get pass the login screen. Instatest also takes automatically screen shots from every new view it finds on it’s way through the app.

It is really cool and fast way to test your app on the devices chosen by you. Now we have extended the capabilities to type texts into EditTexts as well as into HTML inputs.

For android widgets (EditText, AutoCompleteTextView, ExtractEditText, MultiAutoCompleteTextView) Instatest recognizes the following types:

  • Phone (android:inputType=”phone”)
  • Person Name (android:inputType=”textPersonName”)
  • Number (android:inputType=”number”, android:inputType=”numberSigned”, android:inputType=”numberDecimal”)
  • Email Address (android:inputType=”textEmailAddress”)
  • Date (android:inputType=”datetime”, android:inputType=”date”, android:inputType=”time”)
  • Address (android:inputType=”textPostalAddress”)
  • Text (other input)
HTML inputs recognized are:
  • Phone (type=”tel”)
  • Date (type=”date”, type=”datetime”, type=”month”, type=”time”, type=”week”)
  • Email Address (type=”email”)
  • Number (type=”number”)
  • Text (type=”text” or another type)
For now into those fields we type following texts:
  • Phone – “+34540234129”
  • Person Name – “John Smith”
  • Number – “32”
  • Email Address – “”
  • Date – “12.05.2014”
  • Address – “A-1020 Vienna”
Below two screenshots from a sample application: