Introducing Continuous Integration Solution from Cisimple

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Dear all users,

Everyone who has tried Tesdroid knows how effectively and efficiently it solves testing pains. At the latest DroidconUK event hosted on Oct 25-26, 2012, we not only won a third place on Democamp, but publicized our latest breakthrough, Testdroid App Crawler (demo). With this new feature, you can enjoy the intelligence of Testdroid even more.

Now, we are here sharing our joy of collaboration with Cisimple, a fast and easy continuous integration solution for mobile applications. Basically, Cisimple platform is completely focusing on mobile developers, and automates the painful parts of mobile development. Since we both are dedicated to building a better and faster mobile solution for developers, it is natural to establish the partnership between two companies.

So how to start automating your mobile development by Cisimple? Simple! You can leave your email address on Cisimple to get invite to their service. And then, check the screencast to learn how to configure Cisimple Jobs with Testdroid.
Use Cisimple to show device results for each build.

View screenshots of your application taken on real devices

Enjoy your tests with Testdroid and Cisimple!

Testdroid Team