Introducing Testdroid Cloud API

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A cloud service isn’t really a cloud service if it cannot be accessed through an API. For instance think about Facebook, Twitter or – none of those would be what they are today if they hadn’t opened their APIs to their ecosystem. By allowing others to build on top of your service and integrate it more tightly to their own software development process allows our customers and partners to build even more value on top of Testdroid.
We have used this API ourselves already for a while to integrate Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Cloud seamlessly together. Now we are opening the use of this API to all Testdroid Cloud Enterprise users. There is even a command line tool to use Testdroid Cloud API from your build scripts and Continuous Integration configuration. If you are not a Testdroid Cloud Enterprise user but you would like to try it out, just drop a line at and we will activate the API for you to try it out.
Having an open API to integrate Testdroid to other services gives very interesting an seriously value adding possibilities for integrating more services around Testdroid. There are a couple of such projects ongoing so watch this space for some game changing partnership announcements…
More info aboout API see