Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar presenting in DevFest West at Googleplex on October 20th

Bitbar, the mobile devops company. Logo, large

Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar will be giving a presentation on Android testing on the biggest Google developer event in the West Coast – DevFest West on October 20th. More details on the event can be found at and on Google+

With more and more applications competing for users attention it is getting increasingly important to ensure that your app works on all Android devices as it should. If you launch your app without proper testing you risk wasting your marketing and development efforts by getting bad ratings and having your users disappointed just because your app does not work on their device. In his presentation Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar will go through the most common approaches to tackle the testing challenge from application developer’s point of view and explain why testing for device compatibility is a must for any serious Android application developer. He will also give examples of most common urban myths about testing and go through some best practices to minimize the cost and effort related to setting up your test infrastructure.