Letter from CEO: New Testdroid Cloud Pricing Plans – for Your Convenience

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Dear Testdroiders,

Since you’re someone who cares about mobile app, game or web development and testing, I wanted you to be the first to hear the big news. As we keep working to make things yet more easy and straightforward for our customers and enable them to build world-class apps, games and mobile web content for the hundreds of millions of users, I wanted to share few thoughts with you.

I’m very excited to write about our new more flexible price plans in Testdroid Cloud. I know that our customers find Testdroid to deliver very high value over time as we work on their behalf to make our service more and more lean, and consequently cost-effective, over time.

We have worked, and continue working, with the absolutely best mobile companies in the world. It has been awesome to see their success so far. And as we have witnessed their rise to the stars, we felt that every mobile company, big or small, should have the same capabilities available. And to be able offer the best experiences to their valued users.

The new plans offer more flexibility in terms of usage, support and priority. Some customers do not need a business level support, are comfortable relying on web support, but still have access to all features and devices.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.00.35 PM


During the past quarters, our scale and efficiency have improved dramatically, and we felt that now is the right time to bring the same benefits for all developers in the world. Also keep in mind that as you scale your mobile development and use of Testdroid Cloud, you can always move to higher volume tiers, and enjoy discounts up-to 60%, get higher priority in your testing and dedicated support.

We’ve often talked about the benefits that Testdroid’s scale and global focus creates for our customers. Our ability to serve customers of all sizes is an example of this principle at work. With the new pricing plans developers of every size will find a best fit for their needs.

Our mission is to help you to build better apps. This is amazing journey and I’d like to once again thank for you being a part of this journey!



Marko Kaasila
CEO of Bitbar Technologies