Looking for a Replacement of TestFlightApp? Testdroid Has You Covered!

Replacement for TestFlight

According to AppleInsider news from yesterday Apple will be closing its TestFlightApp service by the end of February. As this service has been used for beta testing of iOS apps (and other iOS related stuff) many of developers have been asking for other alternative for a test platform. Our Testdroid Cloud is a perfect replacement for TestFlightApp and will not only get you the access to all iOS devices, with different OS versions, but also provides you a way to automate testing without exposing your app to other users/beta testers. And if you are concerned about not having tests, our famous App Crawler will get you instant results and great understanding of how well your app does on all possible iOS variants.

We introduced iOS support in Testdroid Cloud more than a year ago and it has been used to make some of the most successful iOS apps and games super robust on all possible iOS-based devices. Also, our Testdroid Enterprise have supported iOS devices since the product’s first version was released (nearly two years ago) so we’ve seen quite a lot of different iOS apps and games created, launched and eventually being successful in front of demanding iOS consumers.

iOS Devices at Testdroid Cloud

How to Automate Tests for iOS Apps/Games?

Automatic Test Exerciser: One great feature that Testdroid Cloud provides its users is the App Crawler. It is an intelligent, embedded mechanism to instantly check application’s device compatibility. App Crawler analyzes the application, it is even able to log in with the username and password given by developer, clicks through the application’s view hierarchy, records the performance data as the crawler progresses through each view, and takes screenshots along the way. In minutes you will get all feedback how your app works on different iOS devices and how does it look.

Test Automation and Test Scripts: Testdroid Cloud provides the most versatile selection of different test automation frameworks and allows users to run end-to-end tests for provided app and a test script. While certain framework work better than others for certain types of apps/games we’ve been actively publishing information about these different frameworks, best practices as well as lots of tips and tricks how to fully utilize those for your test automation. The most popular frameworks used in Testdroid Cloud (for iOS) are as follows:

  • AppiumAppium is a mobile UI testing framework supporting cross-platform testing of native, hybrid and mobile-web apps for iOS and Android. Appium enables users to execute their tests on mobile device irrespective of the device OS. This is because the framework is basically a wrapper that translates Selenium Webdriver commands into UI Automation (iOS) or UIAutomator (Android) commands depending on the device type. If you are interested to read more about Appium adoption, check this out.
  • Calabash – Calabash is an automated testing technology for iOS and Android native and hybrid applications. From the scripting point of view, Calabash is slightly different than others. Its descriptive language makes it very easy to write by non-developers and configuration can be also done easily.
  • UI Automation – the UI Automation API, a JavaScript programming interface that specifies actions to be performed in app as it runs on a real device. Test scripts return log information about the actions performed. Users can integrate the Automation instrument with other instruments to perform sophisticated tests such as tracking down memory leaks and isolating causes of performance problems.
  • Selenium – the open-source Selenium has become pretty much the de-facto standard for web testing in non-mobile test automation. We strongly recommend using these standardized frameworks for mobile testing too. Testdroid Cloud fully supports use of Selenium for mobile web testing, and material, plus how to get started instructions can be found at our community pages. Also, some source code examples can be found here.

In addition, if you are using continuous integration as part of your development environment, Testdroid Enterprise provides a comprehensive product to complement the process and get you instantly to test built apps. If you perform automated testing on a large scale, you probably use a CI system such as Jenkins. Those systems typically request and execute all these tests, record their results, and feed them into an agile development process.

Everything is Ready for Your iOS App/Game Testing

Regardless of which option you prefer, test you app/game thoroughly while you develop it. Testdroid Cloud provides a great platform to test your iOS apps and games, with advanced test automation features during all phases of your app development. Equipped with the most popular iOS variants, Testdroid Cloud is serving iOS developers who can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Test on real devices reflecting the real user experiences (without any UDID change efforts)
  • Pinpoint the bugs that are dragging revenue generation
  • Automate tests and speed up the time to App Store
  • Improve app ratings and downloads to the next level

As said, there are lots of different options available for iOS app and game testing. If you want to discuss about these, please schedule a demo session with us. Also, you can create yourself an account here and start right away.