Looking for Android One Devices? Few Indian Devices Just Added at Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

We’ve just added some popular Indian devices at Testdroid Cloud. If you are targeting to this huge country with your Android app or game, you should definitely check how things roll on these devices. These devices offer variety of consumer favorite devices in India, highly popular models, that you should definitely include in your testing roster. Looking for Android One devices? Then these devices are perfect for your needs…


What is ‘Android One’?

Android One is a standard created by Google for Android, mainly targeted at people buying their first smartphone, and customers in the developing world. Android One smartphones run software close to stock Android, without the often extensive vendor-specific modifications that many smartphone vendors provide. Also, security updates are handled by Google, avoiding problems some earlier phones have had with lacking security updates.

Google also makes a reference hardware design available for Android One, meaning that OEMs just have to manufacture the phone. Many of these Android devices used in India are including MediaTek chipset, 32bit MT6582, which has been the chipset for the first set of Android One devices. If you are interested to find out how MTK chips compare against other semiconductor chipsets in our robustness comparison, take a look at one of our study on this field.

How to Access These Devices?

First, create user account for yourself at Testdroid Cloud, activate it by clicking the link sent to you by email, and log in the service. After the dashboard view, you can instantly access these devices by adding those to devices group you plan to use. Start by clicking the Device Group on top menu and add these devices to your device groups:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.29.16 AM

After this, you can start a new test run and use these devices simultaneously among the other devices in that specific Device Group.

You can also get started here.

Happy Testing!