An AWS Device Farm alternative with

AI-driven testing
greater scalability
better customization
more flexibility
higher ROI

Bitbar presents a fully featured, AI-driven mobile testing infrastructure with unique technologies, enabling agile mobile teams to spend less time coding, improve test efficiency and deliver high-quality apps faster.

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Bitbar Testing is also accessible through AWS Marketplace

A closer look at why to choose Bitbar over AWS

Number of Devices for Remote Access

The more devices you can access remotely, the higher chance you can quickly find the device you need to verify your applications.

200+ Android and iOS devices

30+ Android and iOS devices

Virtual Private Cloud support

Run the private testing infrastructure on virtual private cloud on any of the popular cloud services AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and more.



AI-driven testing

The latest AI technology can be applied to do the heavy lifting in test automation.

Yes, Bitbar AI Testbot


Unlimited device concurrency

Running tests across 1000s of real devices should be as easy as across 10 devices. The greater scalability you have, the higher test efficiency you will get.

Yes, unlimited device concurrency.

No, max. 5 device concurrency.

Container technology (e.g. Docker)

Take your custom testing frameworks and uniquely defined local tests to the cloud in the shortest possible time.



Native integrations

Out-of-the-box plugins for JIRA, Slack, Jenkins CI and Gradle.


No native support for JIRA and Slack

Deployment options

The versatile deployment options – Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud – to meet your specific testing needs.

Yes, all deployment options

No, only Public Cloud

Private devices in the public cloud

Unmetered devices exclusively for you. They can have custom OS versions and configurations upon request. Great for CI testing.




Critical to connect your favorite tools and services for CI/CD.



The starting point to access a fully featured public cloud testing platform

Get the following capabilities for a lower price:

  • Scripted test automation
  • AI-powered testing
  • Android and iOS manual testing
  • All Android and iOS testing frameworks
  • Access to all Android and iOS devices
  • Unlimited users & projects
  • Unlimited device concurrency
  • Open Rest API
  • Rich test analytics incl. logs, videos, screenshots

$45/month, 300 minutes

AI Testbot included

Unlimited concurrency

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Pay as You Go plan

No AI testing

max. 5 concurrency

What they say about Bitbar Testing

“The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time.”

Rasmus Selsmark

QA Lead

“Throughout years of collaboration, Bitbar has helped us improve the confidence that our games will work on thousands of real devices and on all supported OS versions.”

Cosmin Baltaretu

Game Testing Lead

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