Mobile device testing at scale

Bitbar Testing provides 1000s of real mobile devices in the cloud for manual and automated testing using any popular open source frameworks.

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Understand your app quality

Ensure your apps work perfectly across the full user journey over a breadth of devices and no flaws will hit your revenue, downloads or any business metrics.

Save on device acqusition cost

Get instant access to our mobile device cloud with 1000s of real Android and iOS device models and OS versions. Improve your device coverage and confidence.

Continuous testing for DevOps

Turn into agile mobile development by implementing automated testing everywhere possible and gain insights on whether each release candidate is ready to proceed.

Security and ultimate scalability that Enterprises need

Deploy Bitbar Testing as Infrastructure-as-a-Service for your dedicated mobile dev & test initiatives. Flexible deployment in Private Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud running on Amazon VPC, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud or IBM Cloud. Learn what it has to offer.

Move fast with agile development and testing

Bitbar Testing, built in our mobile DevOps platform, is designed for any agile mobile teams with unique flavors to scale up mobile app testing efforts across real devices.

Scalable test automation

Automate as many reptitive tests as possible across any number of real devices simultaneously to get instant developer feedback and ship quality apps with confidence.

Remote device testing

Manually interact with our devices to execute defined test steps, perform exploratory testing, and troubleshoot issues reported by your customers. The manual testing service is very responsive!

Bring your favorite services for DevOps and CI/CD

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Framework and language agnostic

Execute automated tests using any test frameworks – Appium, XCUITest, XCTest, Espresso, Calabash and more, with support for any language of choice – Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Javascript, etc.

Detailed test analytics

Understand device behavior with visual flow and time span for each test step, see test failures and areas for improvement, and download detailed logs, screenshots, test recordings, etc.

Pricing and plans

Public Cloud

/ month

Shared mobile device cloud with access to all online devices.

1000s of Android and iOS devices

Unlimited users & projects

Unlimited device concurrency

Test automation

Manual testing

All test frameworks

Test analytics, results and files


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Dedicated devices and infrastructure, best for mobile DevOps and CI/CD.

All the core features plus

Private Cloud or On-Premise setup

Your preselected devices
support for rooted or jailbroken devices

Custom Docker/VM images

Single sign-on

VPN/SSH tunnel

Customer Success Manager

and more

See what they say about Bitbar Testing

“The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time.”

Rasmus Selsmark

QA Lead

“Throughout years of collaboration, Bitbar has helped us improve the confidence that our games will work on thousands of real devices and on all supported OS versions.”

Cosmin Baltaretu

Game Testing Lead

Also trusted by companies of any size and industry around the globe

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