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Whether you want to do manual device testing, automate test scripts or run AI-driven, codeless tests against real devices at scale, Bitbar Testing has you covered. Starting from $45/month.

Bring all your mobile app testing needs together

Bitbar Testing offers a mobile device cloud along with 1000s of Android and iOS devices, meeting all of your testing needs for manual, scripted and codeless exploratory testing, assisted by our AI Testbot.

Scalable, AI-powered test automation

Eliminate the need for designing and maintaining test cases for exploratory testing and device compatibility testing with our AI Testbot.

The beauty is that you can automate tests against as many devices as possible in parallel – UNLIMITED device concurrency.

Manual device testing

Remotely control and interact with our real devices to execute defined test steps, locate bugs and troubleshoot issues reported by your customers. Get real-time device logs and take screenshots whenever needed.

Framework and language agnostic

Bitbar Testing enables automating test scripts written with any popular frameworks – Appium, XCUITest/XCTest, Robot Framework, Espresso, Calabash and more. Support for any language of choice – Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript, and more.

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What they say about Bitbar Testing

“The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time.”

Rasmus Selsmark

QA Lead

“Throughout years of collaboration, Bitbar has helped us improve the confidence that our games will work on thousands of real devices and on all supported OS versions.”

Cosmin Baltaretu

Game Testing Lead

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