Meet Testdroid at AnDevCon3

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This week we will be exhibiting at AnDevCon3 in San Francisco and it’s going to be a really awesome week! Last time at AnDevCon2 back in November we were demoing the just opened Testdroid Cloud beta and now, six months and several thousand users later, we are ready to move Testdroid Cloud out of beta and to production mode. More on that a bit later this week…

So what great stuff we will be demoing this time on our booth (#405)? First, we will have a live test cluster with real Android devices so you can see how cool the simultaneous test execution with Testdroid Server on about dozen devices is. Second, we will demo the latest version of Testdroid Recorder with new features such as Run in Testdroid Cloud, SmartAsserts and editing test steps. Third, on Testdroid Cloud we will demo new features such as creating custom clusters by selecting your preferred set of devices with My Clusters feature. All these features have been developed in the past few months – as you can see, we deliver Android testing innovation in accelerating speed 🙂

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