Meet with Testdroid during Google I/O 2014

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Hello Android fellows,

If you are like everyone at Testdroid, you must be excited now as well. Why? The most popular and important Android annual event – Google I/O 2014 is kicking off  at 9 AM PDT today. As a part of the whole Android ecosystem, Testdroid team is eager and interested to see what’s new in Android development, what new devices (mobile handsets or wearable) will be unveiled, and etc.

Google I/O 2014As Google’s agenda goes, there will be plenty of Android development related topics – What’s new in Android Development tools, Android and Cloud, and so on. However, one topic is probably the most attractive and interesting one for almost every developer – Making money on Google Play. No matter how popular your apps are, the revenue generation is always the key success indicator for any company.

As a matter of fact, according to the latest Google Play report compiled by App Annie, Google Play’s revenue has a 240% growth in Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2013. Meanwhile, Android games occupy about 90% of all Google Play Store revenue in Q1 2014, even though apps (not games) account for the majority of downloads with 60%. 

Regardless of apps or games you have, making money on Google Play rely on many factors. Good concept, attractive UI and design, and well coding are some of those and probably have the highest priority in your mind. But if you leave app testing at the bottom of the ladder, then your app will eventually fail. It is very possible that just one bug in your app can destroy all of the efforts you paid before.

Obviously, this topic – Making money on Google Play will walk you through some tips and reviews of success stories. But making sure that you apps are bug free and flawless by testing them frequently is a matter of utmost importance.

If you are inspired by this blog and would like to get deeper insights on how you can reap benefits from Android app testing and test automation, contact Jouko Kaasila at for a face-to-face discussion. He’s located in San Francisco. Seize this chance if you are attending Google I/O 2014 on June 25-26.