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It supports synthetic monitoring of mobile native apps, web pages and backend APIs. By simply reusing scripted automation tests, you can monitor the key app workflows and business-critical transactions.

Uptime and SLAs

Keeping a high uptime of your mobile services is critical. You can set up synthetic monitoring jobs being performed at short internals 24/7 to ensure your SLAs are met and you never miss a service downtime.

Speed and network traffic

Measure app launch speed and mobile website responsiveness through real mobile networks to spot bottlenecks and slowdowns of app performance under various real-world network conditions.

End-user experience

Monitoring key metrics like application response time helps to identify unpleasant interations in the customer journeys and know the true level of app performance from user’s perspective.

Global points of presence

With Bitbar Monitoring, you can monitor app performance in key locations around the world and optionally request private monitoring infrastructure either on your premises or hosted by Bitbar team.

Integrations and dependencies

Are all third party components working as expected? How does their performance impact user experience? Ping APIs to discover the performance of app dependencies and backend integrations.

Pre-release monitoring

Work with Dev and QA teams to continuously monitor each app build and release candidate to uncover latent issues and understand the readiness of next releases by looking at one unified dashboard.

The best way to improve your app performance and know your rivals’

Bitbar Monitoring helps to monitor app performance at each development stage and keep ahead of the competition with business intelligence.

Mobile synthetic monitoring built for DevOps

Kickstarting monitoring jobs at Bitbar Monitoring requires no extra involvement from Dev team, but only the existing production version of your applications and test scripts written with open source test automation frameworks.

As part of our DevOps platform, Bitbar Monitoring broadens the scope of continuous monitoring into the entire delivery pipeline even in development phase, helping Dev teams get instant feedback.

Performance baselining and quality trends

Track and measure your app performance by monitoring each beta version and comparing it with baseline and production versions to determine if it’s ready to deploy the new version.

As in continuous delivery, quality is utmost important. By continuous monitoring the performance of each release, you can track the efforts of Dev teams and gain direct insights into the performance changes between versions.

Full-stack visibility into competition

Benchmark key app performance and business-critial transactions directly against competition on your ELK dashboards and detect degradations of service before your competitors capitalizes on mistakes.

Get to know what web services and technologies your competitors are using to optimize your performance with such techniques and spot the changes of their features and performance for superior business intelligence.

Bitbar Cloud is an integrated mobile DevOps solution built for continuous build, test, deploy and monitor

Focus on continuous innovations, quality and optimization in a collaborative mobile dev & test environment.

Say goodbye to silos and bring together all your mobile teams around a single DevOps solution that is compatible with popular CI tools, containers and test automation frameworks.

Eliminate the complexity of release tracking with increased transparency into the entire pipeline performance and scale continuous delivery for organizations of any size.

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A feature-rich solution for every DevOps team

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule monitoring checks at any interval to meet your needs and objectives.

Smart Alerts

Set up smart incident alerts via Slack, PagerDuty and Email to accelerate the response and acknowledgement of incidents.

Incident Management

Keep track of captured incidents and simulate possible incidents to verify your monitoring and alerting setup.

Waterfall Charts

Get visual charts about load time for every piece of content to diagnose what’s slowing down your mobile services.

Powerful APIs

Create your own meaningful DevOps dashboards by pushing monitoring metrics to your ELK stack through our APIs.

Data Reliablity

Re-test identified errors to rule out false positives and false negatives with no need of data analysis.

Real Devices and Networks

Rely on real Android and iOS devices over real mobile network carriers and get real app performance data.

Global Infrastructure

Run monitoring jobs against our distributed datacenters around the world. Easy to deploy additional locations upon request.

Rich Analytics

View in-depth reports incl. response time, screenshots, logs, etc. to troubleshoot performance issues.

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