The Benefits of Mobile Monitoring for Banking and Payment Providers

Mobile banking and the usage of mobile to carry out financial transactions have become prominent around the world. With the proliferation of mobile devices globally, millions prefer to have financial data available at their fingertips using their mobile phones and smartphones. Banks and financial services firms are faced with different challenges to address this new user driven trend of mobility and how to capitalize on it. So what are the top priorities for banking application developers?

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security and secure integration of required back-ends is a top criteria for mobile banking and payment providers. Payments implemented in mobile apps rely on various technologies that must be bullet-proof and secure to be integrated as a part of the app. Monitoring payments and transactions on real networks, using various global locations is the top requirement for mobile apps and websites.

Quality, Performance and Responsiveness

End-users - mobile consumers - doing payments are expecting only robust and high-quality performance from mobile banking apps and payment implementations. There is no room for flaws or compromises when it comes to performance, quality and responsiveness of the implementation.

Test Automation Brings Easiness and Compelling Approach to Monitoring

Just by pinging the website or making sure mobile app launches, runs and does what it is meant to do is a great way to find how end-users see your mobile website or app. Adding another awesome feature, test automation, to be part of the synthetic mobile monitoring enables more complex and versatile monitoring scenarios for mobile apps and websites.

How mobile monitoring improves the security?

Synthetic mobile monitoring makes sure your mobile app or website is up and running 24 hours per day. All transactions and activities happening on certain locations are quick and easy to track and data to be produced of potential vulnerabilities and security breaches. In addition, when using real mobile devices in monitoring real networks provide the greatest level of security.

How mobile monitoring improves the performance?

As soon as performance goes down, payments are not going through or something else performance-related is happening, the administrator or IT folks get notifications about this. This helps them to ramp up the service again and get comprehensive understanding of why performance slow-downs happen and how to avoid those in the future.

How test automation can be used as part of the monitoring?

Test automation with help of industry-standard open source frameworks can provide highly complex test scenarios, help getting exact information on what happens and why certain things happen on real network, real devices and global locations. Variety of different frameworks brings flexibility to build test scripts and get those running on various different locations.

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