Monitoring Enterprise Mobile Apps and Websites

Enterprise apps are changing the face of business. They increase employee productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize business process efficiency – and produce important data about the employee efficiency, productivity and how to improve all of that.

A game developer was showing mobile ads in Germany. Real-user monitoring showed everything was working fine. There were requests to serve the ads, and response times were on acceptable level. However, there were complaints from the end-users that the ads were all blank. Just white. A synthetic monitoring with a script accessing the ad server from the real mobile network and taking screenshots as part of the monitoring process showed the downtime immediately. Showing blank screens leads to zero clicks/conversions and the revenue is seriously in danger, considering the size of German market.

Enterprise Apps Fuel Business, Process and Productivity

Many of global enterprises are building their own apps for their employees. There are various references and great examples of how these apps have helped improving productivity, making work more efficient, and produce data that is easy to be analyzed in the context of employee performance. Mobile monitoring helps enterprise app developers to understand the performance of those apps in real locations with real networks.

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Enterprise Apps Empower Field Workers

There is no shortage of companies that have workers in the field - delivery services, long haul truck drivers, and airport mechanics that keep planes flying safely. The fact that these workers are in the field is hardly new. The common characteristic of these sort of workers is that the device they use changes constantly network and they are constantly on move.

How to Monitor Frequently Changing Networks

Enterprise Big Data and Analytics Generate Smarter Apps Than Ever Before

Countless articles have been written about big data, and for good reason. Combined with analytics, big data allows enterprises to infer business intelligence to keep them a step ahead. It’s hardly a stretch that the combination of big data and analytics makes enterprises smarter. There are several critical elements as to how big data pertains to enterprise app development.

Big Data + Mobile Monitoring = How to Get Started

Enterprise Apps Are Very Easy to Build - And There Is Other Side of the Coin

Introductions to new marketplaces in the IT industry have been the game changers. Apps are readily available, yet easy to build, but how are performance of those tested and monitored in real networks and locations? Synthetic mobile monitoring provides an instant solution to this problem and makes apps testable across any specific location around the world.

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How Mobile Monitoring Improves Enterprise Apps and Websites?

As soon as performance goes down, apps and websites are not working or something else performance-related is going on, the administrator or IT folks get notification about this. This helps them to ramp up the service again and get comprehensive understanding of why performance slowdowns did happen and how to avoid those in the future.

How to Avoid The Bottlenecks of Mobile Performance

Can Test Automation Help Delivering Enterprise Apps and Websites?

Yes, absolutely. Test automation with help of industry-standard open source frameworks enables creation highly complex test scenarios, help getting exact information on what happens and why certain things happen on real network, real devices and global locations. Variety of different frameworks brings flexibility to build test scripts and get those running on various different locations. Here are our recommendations for test automation frameworks:


The Basics of Monitoring Enterprise Apps and Websites

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What is Required from Mobile Monitoring for Enterprise Apps?

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Avoid These Top Mistakes with Mobile Monitoring

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