Synthetic Mobile Monitoring for News and Media Websites and Apps

Quite often news and media portals are providing their users a hybrid approach where user feels to be in on mobile version of their mobile portal. Typically this is a hybrid application that includes website implementation inside of a mobile app. For monitoring these sort of hybrid applications is done easy with Bitbar Monitoring and versatile features are in use.

Users Just Want News in Timely Manner

The most important reason why users install news applications is that they know that news are delivered them in timely manner. Typically rich in graphics with video material provided with a story can provide mixed user experience if the network connection and performance isn't up to snuff. This is verifiable only in the real environment, using real network and devices.

How to Improve Network Performance

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Optimization of Device and Network Infrastructure Done Easy

News and media application can be optimized with help of mobile testing and synthetic mobile monitoring to ensure slick performance. This doesn't require any special skills from developers but with advanced monitoring techniques these mobile applications and websites provide fantastic user experience, with streaming videos and graphically rich news stories.

The Top Characteristics of News & Media Apps

Network Performance Is Emphasized In Case of News Apps/Website

Reading news with your handheld can quickly consuming tens of megabytes of data. Pretty much every news application includes data as its richest form: text, video and lots of pictures. These elements make the news stand out from console type of news aggregators. But to get all that delivered to users requires network and well-performing device.

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Lots of Data - How To Monitor All of It with Confidence

Making sure news are provided with rich data (text, pictures, videos) user needs a device with efficient access to surrounding network. With a static network (e.g. WiFi) things typically work faster but people are constantly moving around and mobile data is the only chance to get data to their devices. Especially for news and media apps the UX is significantly enhanced with all data is available at fingertips of users.

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How Mobile Monitoring Improves News and Media App Performance?

As soon as performance goes down, data is not going through or something else performance-related is happening, the administrator or IT folks get notifications about this. This helps them to ramp up the service again and get comprehensive understanding of why performance slowdowns happen and how to avoid those in the future.

How to Avoid The Bottlenecks of Mobile Performance

Can Test Automation Help in Case of News and Media App Monitoring?

Yes, absolutely. Test automation with help of industry-standard open source frameworks enables creation highly complex test scenarios, help getting exact information on what happens and why certain things happen on real network, real devices and global locations. Variety of different frameworks brings flexibility to build test scripts and get those running on various different locations. Here are our recommendations for test automation frameworks:

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Versatile Data Enhances News and Media Apps

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Best Practices with Testing and Monitoring of Mobile Apps

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