NEW EBOOK: Highway to Mobile Game & App Success in China

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As the most populous country in the world, China also has the largest base of mobile gamers in the world. The latest report by iiMedia Research Group shows that by the end of 2014 the user base of mobile games in China has soared to 474 million. With such a large population, the mobile game market is inevitably lucrative in China.

Although it’s potential and huge, China’s mobile gaming market is much more complicated than you can expect. It requires you to get more understanding of the market and patience for reaping fruity results. Your business model, marketing ability, and assistance from publisher all have a great impact on the final success of your games.

Be Successful in China's Mobile Game Market

We have composed all of our blogs about how to go to China into an ebook. This ebook will give you a thorough explanation on why you should put an eye on China’s mobile market. And it also covers three major aspects regarding how to gain success in China.

  • Culturalization – While the use of culturalization is much less common than that of localization, it encompasses localization, including color scheme, sounds, music, language, etc.
  • Integration – It’s very important to understand what platforms or third-party services your mobile game or app should be integrated with. They are the keystones to a large user base and financial success in China.
  • Monetization – The business model you adopt certainly determines your business outcomes. Beyond that, a well-known and experienced publisher will simply your understanding process on the Chinese market and help you avoid unnecessary difficulties.

Highway to Mobile Game & App Success in China

Learn how to win and generate revenue from the competitive and crowded Chinese mobile market