New features in Testdroid Cloud: UI Automator support, project sharing and detailed performance data

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We have been busy in the past few weeks and it really looks like we achieved a lot! Here are the highlights:

Support for Google UI Automator scripts

Android SDK tools r21 introduced a very nice new testing framework for Android called UI Automator. This new framework supplements the Android Instrumentation Framework and tools like monkeyrunner and UI/app exerciser monkey. This new addition, however, seems to be a very powerful one: UI Automator scripts can cross different applications and you can even create test scripts that test the any or all apps on the device! UI Automator uses accessibility labels to identify and access UI elements and you just have to make sure that all your custom UI widgets have accessibility label as well. The biggest limitation of of UI Automator framework is that it only works on API level16 or higher (Android 4.1 or later) so it will not work across all devices but because UI Automator support is available on Bitbar Testing On-Premise as well anyone with a device project can use Testdroid Server and UI Automator to fully automate their whole device testing by creating a private cluster of the prototype devices.

Project sharing

As always, we are listening our users and a capability to share projects between users has been one of the most frequently requested features. Now the Project view has a Share button and by clicking that you can list the other Testdroid Cloud users you want to share your project with. All users have the same user rights on the shared projects so if you are a Pay As You Go customer, please note that when you share your project the users with whom you have shared your project can run test runs on that project and by doing so use your credits.

Detailed performance data

We have also put in a significant engineering push to provide detailed analysis beyond the standard logs and screenshots to help app developers really optimize their user experience on each device and to help identify common app performance killers like memory and CPU leaks. This new view on Testdroid Cloud provides very detailed view on the application’s resource usage on each device during the test run. By analysing this data you can find uses cases that hog disproportionally high amount of CPU or Memory and you can easily improve your application’s end user experience by optimizing the routines that consume the most resources. This is extremely important especially on low-end Android devices.