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Building a mind-blowing mobile game for hundreds of millions of gamers isn’t trivial task to do. To help you to focus on the most essential things in mobile game development process, we’ve gathered some good practices, tips and tricks and more into one ebook. Please check it out.

The topic of this ebook is in improving the quality of mobile games today. To get most of it, we’re focusing on the value of testing as a part of your mobile game development process, break down some important issues in the process itself, and high-light the architectural and infrastructural aspects of in that creation process.

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The quality assurance for mobile game development includes various important things that should not be ignored. Three main aspects of learning how to improve the game development process can be break down into three topics:

  • The Value – what is the importance of testing as a part of the development process, what are the three most important factors of value creation from your testing methods, and how these factors can improve your daily processes.
  • The Process – many of today’s mobile app and game development processes rely on agile methods, and this offers a tremendous boost for better quality assurance during the development process. This is emphasized in this ebook with practical example of how to utilize current tools to further improve the productivity for better quality assurance.
  • The Architecture and Infrastructure – what is required for mobile game testing from the infrastructure point of view, and how does the ‘architecture’ of mobile game testing look like, what types of testing can be conducted and as a bonus what are the steps for efficient monetization of a mobile game.

Hopefully you will enjoy this ebook!

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