New User Interface Improvements in Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

The new version of Testdroid Cloud was recently released and in this version we’ve included many new widgets for better usability and convenient comparison of test runs, screenshots and results. In addition, there is a great number of smaller features and enhancements that will make the use of our device roster more convenient. Check it out now!

General Usability and UI Enhancements

First, we’ve included the new summary widget for each test run. It basically concludes the success of a test run, breaking down how many and which devices were used for execution, devices that were excluded, which ones failed and generally the status of running status of devices. Furthermore, you can also ‘configure’ your test run results by adding tags to your test run. Later on these test runs are sortable and searchable based on these tags. The new summary widget also provides a short-cut to download all screenshots and logs, plus a direct link to jump on the new comparison widget of screenshots.

Summary Widget

The new screenshot comparison widget provides you a way to quickly scan through taken screenshots, browse through all taken screenshots and download all of them for local copies. In addition, you can inspect screenshots in full screen mode and even create JIRA issues based on your visual observations.

Screenshot comparison widget

The new ‘Retry’ feature in device runs also makes it more convenient to quickly restart your test run, with the identical device group. Please note that if you use retry function your test run will be restarting and all results will be rewritten (this doesn’t create you a new test run but rewrites everything over the old one). For example, if something goes wrong in your test run – e.g. your back-end server isn’t reachable – you can nice and easily retry the test run and maintain test run results in consistent order.

Retry the test run

Also, we have added new links under your profile link on the top-right corner. You can now access API documentation, the official Testdroid Help portal, your subscriptions, usage details and receipts of your purchases through profile link.

Direc links


Testdroid Cloud Interactive

Testdroid Cloud’s Interactive has been also improved with new timer feature and full screen mode. As before, Interactive enables you to access variety of different Android devices here.


In addition, there are a bunch of other great new features and improvements in the new version of Testdroid Cloud. Please stay active and do let us know any feedback you might have about these improvements. Happy testing!