Nexus Devices Available For Free Trial at Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

Just few weeks ago we enabled the support for Google’s Espresso test automation framework at Testdroid Cloud. To celebrate this great new framework – and enable you an instant access to some of the latest Android devices – we’ve decided to enable all Nexus devices for free trial at Testdroid Cloud.

Those Nexus devices that are now being made available at Testdroid Cloud are:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.13.52 PM

If you are new to Testdroid and want to try it out with a free account, you can create it here or simply clicking the button below. Also, to get started with all the great features that Testdroid Cloud provides for your mobile app & game testing, please check Testdroid Help or Testdroid Cloud product pages.


In a nutshell, Testdroid Cloud running Nexus devices offers a combination of features that enables you to:

  • Execute your app on real devices instantly, with no effort at all: Just upload your APK and tests – and if you don’t have tests ready for your app, you can harness our highly valued App Crawler to hammer your app and get those results delivered to you in minutes.
  • Rapidly and accurately capture, verify and replay your tests, with quick delivery functionality and performance metrics: CPU loads, memory consumption, screenshots and full logcats.
  • Access devices and our support 24 hours/day. Since the Testdroid Cloud was introduced to mobile app developers and testers, we made it clear that our number one priority – and not surprisingly one of the most appreciated features of Testdroid Cloud – is our 24 hours/day support for all devices and infrastructure.
  • Access all Testdroid Cloud devices through integration API. Please notice that this option is only available in some of the Testdroid Cloud plans.


Testdroid Cloud currently hosts over 270 real, different Android devices and more will be added constantly! The complete device list can be found here.

Happy App Testing!