Only one week to Droidcon UK

Bitbar, the mobile devops company. Logo, large

It’s only one week to Droicon UK, the largest Android developer conference in Europe, and we are getting more and more excited! The sponsor and speaker lineup is looking more impressive every day. First of all, severall major Android manufacturers have a presence at Droidcon UK: HTC Dev people will be promoting HTC’s developer community as well as Sony Ericsson, who will give presentations and have their developer relations people there to reach out and participate. The most interesting device manufacturer on a conference focusing on Android is definitely Blackberry as RIM is not the most obvious sponsor for an Android conference! Maybe they have something interesting to announce 😉

There is also a handsome list of mobile operators promoting their developer programs: Telefonica (O2) is presenting their Blue Via developer program and Orange is there with their Orange partner. It will be very interesting to see what new is brewing on operator camps.

The conference itself is nicely organized to two quite different kind of days. First day (Thursday October 6th) is a day for Barcamp and Democamp. Both are wery casual in nature and very much community led. On Barcamp anyone can propose a discussion topic the the audience will vote which topics will be discussed. Very hipster indeed 😉 On Democamp Droidcon organizers have gathered the coolest apps and Android solutions for a live demo session – this will beat slide decks hands down! Bitbar will be demoing the coolest online Android app testing service on this side of galaxy – make sure you’ll see it. If you don’t see it live, don’t worry, a video of the demo will be posted on this blog after the event. The second day(Friday October 7th) is more conference like with presentations from big names like Google, Cisco, Blackberry and Accenture. The topics will cover everything from Android Market (by Google) to Android on automotive (by Accenture).

So in short, the who’s who in Android development are gathering to Droidcon UK on October 6-7th and they have still tickets available at Droidcon UK website. If you want to make sure you are where the action is, get your ticket and show up!