Panel Discussion – The Future of Mobile App Development

Microsoft Flux Bitbar

As in today’s digital world, mobile apps are dominating human being’s daily lives, from banking to eating to traveling. It’s no secret that mobile is taking over the web in the foreseeable future and that a mobile app is a must and ideal access point for servicing customers.

With that being said, having or developing a mobile app won’t simply bring you success for the future. In fact, the fierce competition of mobile apps poses huge challenges to mobile app developers in terms of winning customers.

To prepare the future and break down the opportunities and threats in mobile app development, we will join a panel discussion hosted by our partnerGreenhouseCI at Microsoft Flux in Helsinki, Finland on Oct. 26th. Many interesting topics will be covered as follows.

  • How much of the mobile app development can be automated already today?
  • How does the automation impact the traditional app development?
  • As a part of this transformation, what kind of new roles will emerge in mobile app development?

Together with other experts in the mobile landscape, Niko Cankar, Product Manager at Bitbar, will share some insights on how to tackle the difficulties in mobile app development and mobile test automation for today and the future.

Are you interested in this panel? Come and join us if you are around Helsinki. Please sign up here to show your interest.

Niko Cankar from Bitbar - Microsoft Flux

See you at Microsoft Flux.

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