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High-quality apps and services are key to a successful mobile-first strategy. Because we want to help you make strategic decisions based on insight rather than assumptions, we provide management level Performance Reports.

They help you develop truly Agile Dev & Test processes. Bitbar Professional Services helps you if your success has reached a point where mobile is becoming, or already is, the number one channel for you. Concentrate on your core business and shorten the time to profit with Bitbar.

Professional Services Offering

Your business and apps are unique, so you need services that cater to that fact. Here’s a selection of what Bitbar can do for you.


Shorten the systems development life cycle while regularly delivering features, fixes, and updates.


Appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation automatically.


Solid proven advice from engineers with a plethora of experience.

Don’t be a stranger!

What’s keeping you awake at night? Feeling the heat to solve that tricky testing challenge?

Let us know, we are here to help you look good before your boss!