Quality Assurance Testing Should Not Be a 24-7 Gig

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For most startups, quality assurance testing can last all day and then some. Each new feature added and each new tweak has to run through a significant amount of never-ending tests. In some cases the testing is outsourced, proof that the process can literally run around the clock, being passed from one side of the globe to the other.

It’s a rigorous process none the less, but the fact is that it doesn’t have to be. For example, if an application supports four languages, and you want to be assured that it will work properly on the top 25 devices available, that indicates you will need to test the app 100 times. Working with a large amount such as that, it indicates hours and hours of testing ahead. However, if you resort to Testdroid, these numerous hours can be cut down drastically.

If you convert to the automation testing Testdroid Recorder offers, you can shave off 90% of the work compared to writing the testscripts manually. From there, when running a test on Testdroid Cloud, it takes only a few minutes compared to hours, and you’re even able to run several devices at once. So instead of a few days of work, it’s condensed to just a few minutes.

Testdroid allows testing to take less time and effort, offering simplicity, and in the end freeing startups to do what their hearts desire: innovate!