Recorder update

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Hi all,

only few days passed from last release, despite this we prepared update of Testdroid Recorder. There are few improvements and fixed bugs. The most important stuff:

Improved submethods
We disabled possibility of creating submethods with the same name. Now you have to set them unique names. Nevertheless if you want to use the same submethod few times, you can copy it and paste in the most suitable places. If you change something in one of them, changes will be made in every submethod with the same name:

We warn about it with warning dialog, which you can disable with check button:

We also added warning dialog if you will try to create submethod without specifing its destination:

Finally we blocked creating recursive submethod and we also inform about it with dialog:

Improved Run in cloud
Now, if you choose Run in Testdroid Cloud from shortcut, wizard for configure your test run will appear only for the first time. On first page you can choose project from the cloud:

On second page you are able to choose own cluster or select all devices:

On third (last page) you can see confirmation and details about test run – cost, your credits count, project name and possibility to run test:

After clicking finished, monitor dialog with progress info is launched:

If everything went ok, you will see information like below:

If your test was recorded for apk file, you will see additional page for uploading apk file.

If it’s your first time for this project, this page will be second one, otherwise you will see only this page. In the future we plan to add the ability to not upload a file if it already exists in the project in the cloud. If you want to run some test again with another configuration, you can change it in Run Configuration in Eclipse. Latest run configuration is saved as default and used for running from shortcut:

Bugs fixing

  • Command Assert Html Text Present
  • Creation of element failed in First Recording Wizard
  • Blocked advanced settings for new projects in Run Configurations (Run in cloud)
  • Appearance of wizards for Run in Testdroid Cloud
  • Manual appending html commands


You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).