Remote Manual Access to Any Android Device at Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

Testdroid Interactive just got released last week and now provides an instant access to all of you to remotely interact with any of Android devices hosted at Testdroid Cloud. All our 350+ Android devices are available for Interactive sessions and you can preload your application to our Application Library where it can be installed to phone in session with you even before you start.

How to Get Started Menu structure

1. Create an account  (if you don’t have one) at Testdroid Cloud or any account creation form on Bitbar Testing.

2. Login to service and click ‘Interactive’ from the main menu of top left.

3. (as a Step 1: Choose Fileset) – You’ll be asked first to upload your APK to the system. All files will be maintained and you don’t have to upload those again.

4. (as a Step 2: Choose device) – You’ll be asked to select the device for the session. You can use ‘filters’ on the left hand side to search for a device with specific characteristics (OS version, screen resolution, size of memory and so on).


Select device


5. After you have selected device for your session the following screen will open with mock of that device:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.10.49 AM

On the left menu, the control buttons will provide you a way to interact with some physical buttons of device (e.g. power, volume up/down) and naturally rotating the device.  On the top menu, you can change the fileset, switch to another device, and restart your session.

Remember! Manual testing doesn’t provide you an agile way to test your app. However, it can be helpful when used together with test automation and provide you a glance of what is going on with certain device running your app. Stay tuned for this – we have soon very exciting things to announce 😉

Enjoy Interactive Testing!


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