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Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share with you a new guest blog from Mikel Fernández, Software Director at bq from Spain. bq is a Spanish company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of multimedia devices and 3D printers. We are very glad that Testdroid has established a partnership with bq and deployed four bq devices at Testdroid Cloud.

Now let’s take a look at why bq chose Testdroid and their experiences with Testdroid suite.

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Hello Testdroiders,

bq is more than just a technology company. We’re passionate about development on all levels, and we love leaving our comfort zone and innovating with technologies that are still in their infancy. We like to experiment, discover, learn… and we want our users to do it with us.

That’s why when we’re asked to give a formal description of ourselves in three lines we find it really difficult. But here goes: we’re a consumer electronics company. Our main division focuses on multimedia devices, and since 2014 we’ve been active in the 3D printing and PrintBot markets. In Spain, our home country, we’re the second highest selling brand of Android-powered unlocked smartphones, e-readers and tablets.

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We’ve always been committed to Android. For us, there are two factors that make it the best mobile operating system: first, its ecosystem for developers (SDK, documentation, debugging tools, etc.) allows anyone to develop apps and upload them directly to Google Play. This feeds the development culture and offers users an extraordinarily wide range of apps.

The second factor is the sheer quantity of tablet and smartphone models, from a wide variety of different brands, which use this OS. According to the latest global data from the IDC, 80% of all smartphones and tablets use Android. With such a vast panorama of choice, it’s impossible for users not to find the perfect model for their needs.

However, what makes Android great is also its biggest weakness: fragmentation. Screen size, aspect ratio, display resolution and even processing power can affect a device’s compatibility with certain apps. In other words, not all the apps on Google Play are compatible with all devices.

Today, apps have an enormous impact on our lives. We use them for our most humdrum, everyday activities, such as checking the weather or making a shopping list, but also for other, more complicated things such as banking transactions. The majority of smartphone and tablet owners use at least one app per day, and a study conducted by Portio Research predicts that by 2017 mobile apps will be consumed by more than four billion people around the world. Truly amazing.

This means it’s vital for developers to test their apps on as many models as possible, not just on their own devices. Only then can they ensure their apps are compatible with the majority of devices; just because an app works perfectly on their models doesn’t guarantee that it will be the same on all the others. With this in mind, at bq we’ve made our tablets, smartphones and other devices available to the community via Testdroid.

Two reasons encouraged us to have a partnership with Testdroid. First, Testdroid is a very agile test automation platform for mobile apps and games. Application developers can easily hook their continuous integration environment with Testdroid Cloud – or even use it as part of their CI environment – widely known as Testdroid Enterprise. With either deployment option, they can seamlessly enable their testing as an integral part of application development. More than that, Testdroid supports the most popular test automation framework, e.g. Appium, Calabash, Espresso, Robotium, and many others. Application developers just need to select their preferable framework and quickly start a test run on multiple devices, including bq’s.

The second reason comes to Testdroid Recorder. It really allows us to record interactions on real devices and generate well-structured JUnit test code without any coding. With Testdroid Recorder, we can now create test scripts much faster than ever before. It’s not only powerful and easy-to-use for generating test scripts, but also a remarkable enabler to save time for development, and produce better quality apps.

Therefore, when we made this decision we were thinking not only of the people who program apps, but also of those who enjoy using them. We believe that smartphones and tablets are more than just devices: they’re user experiences. For this reason, putting more apps on Google Play that are compatible with our devices means a better user experience.
We’re certain that this collaboration with Testdroid will be very useful and fruitful for both developers and our users. And this is precisely the outcome we seek.

Mikel Fernández, bq Software Director.

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