Shaker goes Android

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We are proud to announce another evolutionary step on Bitbar’s Shaker cloud based software integration and validation service by introducing continuous integration service for Google Android, complete with fully integrated Android Compatibility Test Suite and build reports.

The system is based on slightly modified Hudson Continuous Integration tool and by utilizing the the dedicated high capacity servers from Bitbar’s private cloud we have been able to run the full Android Platform build including recompiled Linux kernel in less than 15 minutes! That is fast enough to enable fully automated continuous integration where every change submitted to the version control is automatically integrated and tested which will lead to significantly improved developer productivity and software quality as defects, regressions and build breaks are caught immediately when they are created – not days or even weeks later.

Now we have enabled extremely fast continuous integration for Android, Symbian, Java Enterprise Edition and Linux builds and integrated various standard test sets with these environments. The next ones in the road map are MeeGo and… What should should be the next steps on Shaker evolution? If you have good ideas, just let us know.