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Summer 2015 is gone, but the holiday shopping season is upon us again. As a retailer, sales from brick-and-mortar no longer shares the big lion of your sales record in today’s trend of mobile internet. While your sales and marketing team are busy with the tempting sales campaigns for the biggest day of the year, your mobile channels – applications and websites – should be expected to handle a heavy traffic and, of course, successfully make through every piece of checkout.

According to Forrester Research the US e-commerce will top $300 billion this year, and the majority of that happens around holiday shopping season. Being unplugged few minutes or mobile app not being able to deliver means instant loss in revenue. To succeed in this critical time of the year, ‘Sorry, not available’ must be avoided during this hectic 6 weeks, and all the time.

The holiday season is definitely not limited to retail industry. Any company involved during the Holiday Shopping Seasons need to get their mobile channels reliable and trustful – Banking, Hospitality, and Logistics/Parcel Delivery. Buying gifts is happy and waiting for parcels is exciting. Do NOT get your customers frustrated with your paying system and make sure parcels can be easily tracked by end users.

Now the question is ‘Are you – and especially your mobile apps and web channels – ready to make the most of the upcoming holiday season? ‘ If your applications somehow failed to deliver a great experience to your end users last year, you might want to change the way of managing the app quality and make an impressive turnaround this year. We at Testdroid provide Professional services for taking care of your app performance and quality and the success of your mobile software. Our experienced Customer Success Team will be dedicated to work as part of your team and bring your app from good to great.

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At the same time, you are more than welcome to join our upcoming webinar. We will walk you through how to avoid any down-time and provide you the best guidelines for the holiday readiness of your mobile channels.

Mobile Success Guide for Holiday Shopping Season

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