Docker, Docker, Docker – Bitbar Testing Embraces Dockerization for Higher Scalability

Bitbar Testing Embrace Dockerization for Higher Scalability
Bitbar Testing Embrace Dockerization for Higher Scalability

Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope you all had a great summer.

As most of you have already known, we moved to a faster release schedule back in 2016, wherein we have been managing to deliver new features to all of our users on a bi-weekly basis thanks to keeping on agile practices. That being said, you might have noticed that this time the sprint for the new Bitbar Testing update is longer than usual. Why? Because we have exciting news to announce and it will bring great benefits to everyone down the line.

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CEO Blog Series #3: Time-to-market, no place to lose revenues

One of our customers used to do agile development, with typical 2 week sprints, and then combined that with 4 weeks manual testing cycles. So, they ended up doing 2 additional development sprints before developers got feedback from the manual testing on the 1st development sprint! That was huge waste of resources, and ended up in a mess and missed and delayed deadlines. The solution was to go really agile, do continuous integration, continuous testing and automate the testing on real end user devices, all the time during development.

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CEO Blog Series #2: Effectiveness of Agile App Development

The most successful companies do their mobile apps in agile and use fully integrated development and testing processes. The most successful companies also track their performance carefully. To achieve higher efficiency and lower costs, you need to understand impact of various parameters to your top line and bottom line.

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