Full Android platform build in 7 minutes!

Designing new devices and developing new solutions for mobile environments is a painful process as everyone who has worked on new platforms and millions of possible configurations know.
If you are a semiconductor maker who is working on Android or Linux and creating a base port for your new chip, a device maker designing incredible devices that customers crave and love or an application developer working with the latest devices, you are most probably working with such unstable environment.

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Bitbar integrates Android CTS with Hudson

The Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) is an automated open-source testing harness for Android that you can adopt to your needs by selecting CTS plans relevant for your functionality. You could use the CTS to test your work during your development work using your desktop machine with attach mobile devices, but it is expensive for all developers to have that environment.

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Bitbar delivers Continuous Integration as a Service for Aava Mobile

New fast continuous integration service in cloud improves R&D productivity and collaborative software development for the world’s first open mobile device maker

Helsinki, Finland – May 18, 2010 – Bitbar, the pioneer in cloud accelerated software integration solutions, delivers continuous integration as a Service for Aava Mobile, developer of the world’s first open mobile device.

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Shaker goes Android

We are proud to announce another evolutionary step on Bitbar’s Shaker cloud based software integration and validation service by introducing continuous integration service for Google Android, complete with fully integrated Android Compatibility Test Suite and build reports.

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