Top 10 Mobile App Testing Blogs in 2015

Dear Testdroiders,

Thank you for being with us at Testdroid Blog. We hope you all had a great holiday and New Year.

When we look back in 2015, we have had fruitful technical innovations that enable us to maintain the market leadership. We’ve also shared plenty of thoughts regarding mobile app development and testing. Today, we would like to wrap up all the blogs in the last year and let’s review the top 10 of them.

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Top 5 Android Testing Frameworks with Code Examples

Top 5 Android Testing Frameworks
Top 5 Android Testing Frameworks

With the rollout of Android Oreo, Google’s mobile ecosystem continues to expand rapidly. It is evident that new mobile OEMs are emerging in every corner of the world, bringing in different screen sizes, ROM/firmware, chipsets, etc. The complexity of Android app testing has been growing all the time. 

To cope with increasing testing workload, it has become a common practice to rely on a cloud-based Android app testing solution to automate scripted tests on a large scale of real devices for extensive QA. Though there are multiple choices on Android testing frameworks, it’s critical to understand the basics and how each framework performs so the selected tool can help you meet your testing needs and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Today we are going to behold 5 most used Android testing frameworks and break down the basics and code examples of each. Should you be working on iOS apps at the same time, you can also check out top 5 iOS test automation frameworks with code examples here.

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Say Hello to bq

bq devices available at Testdroid Cloud
bq devices available at Testdroid Cloud

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share with you a new guest blog from Mikel Fernández, Software Director at bq from Spain. bq is a Spanish company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of multimedia devices and 3D printers. We are very glad that Testdroid has established a partnership with bq and deployed four bq devices at Testdroid Cloud.

Now let’s take a look at why bq chose Testdroid and their experiences with Testdroid suite.

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Calabash support added in Testdroid Cloud – How to start using it?

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve added Calabash support for Testdroid Cloud today. If you are interested to start using it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to enable it for you. Please contact us at

Here are some basic details of Calabash and how to use it in Testdroid.

Have fun!

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Strategies for coping with Android device fragmentation

Last week I was speaking at Android Only! 2011 conference in Malmö, Sweden. My presentation was about Android device fragmentation and more specifically on how Android application developers can cope with the current fragmentation in Android devices. This problem did not exist 9 months ago and now it is becoming the single most expensive headache for any serious Android application developer. To understand the full extend of this problem you only have to browse through the comments of any application in the Android Market. About 80% of the comments are about the application not working correctly on a specific phone model, updates that make the application crash or in the worst case the application that the customer just paid for does not install at all.

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