Agile Development Gives Money Center Banks Competitive Advantage

Despite conservatism and a general aversion to risk, big money center banks are starting to adopt agile techniques to their software development efforts. The American Banker, a daily trade newspaper and website covering the financial services industry, has identified two of the leaders as JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the US by assets and BBVA Compass, the second largest bank in Spain. Why banks that enormous would embrace agile is an interesting story.

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Testdroid Cloud 2.5 is Out!

We are thrilled to bring you the latest Testdroid Cloud – version 2.5 – with lots of new features and bug fixes. Again, it is now more user friendly, smoother and easier to manage your projects.

N.B. Clear browser caches and refresh the pages to get the new Testdroid Cloud in case of any unexpected issues.

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Introducing Testdroid Recorder 2.0 with major improvements

We are very proud to introduce a new significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder which integrates now nicely with Testdroid Cloud and helps Testdroid Recorder users to really make the most of all the real Android devices available in Testdroid Cloud. The biggest changes and improvements in version 2.0 are:

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