Top 5 iOS Test Automation Frameworks with Examples

With the proliferation of iOS devices year over year, the threshold of iOS success is higher than ever before. More companies like startups and SMEs find it not financially sustainable to acquire every piece of iOS devices with different OS versions and HW specs. On the other way, testing apps or games manually is not anymore an ideal option for QA process due to low efficiency and scalability issue.

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How to Get Started with EarlGrey – iOS Functional UI Testing Framework

Dear Testdroiders,

Few weeks ago Google announced in their blog that they have open sourced their internal iOS test automation framework called EarlGrey. As this is used internally with Google’s functional app testing and for example YouTube, Calendar, Photos, Play Music and some others are getting tested using this framework. Naturally, we have tested this framework out and it seems an interesting choice as a test automation framework suitable for several types of apps as well. There are lots of similarities between EarlGrey for iOS and Espresso for Android so let’s have a glance on what EarlGrey really is about.

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