Join our Twitter conversation on Thursday, Dec. 18th

Testdroid Thursday Dec. 18th

Any of you who have been following our blogs might still remember that we held a GTAC conversation back in October on Twitter. It was a nice night that we exchanged with lots of Android enthusiasts many fresh insights and thoughts on Android app dev/testing and the whole Android ecosystem. More than that, some of them won an incredible prize over the night.

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GTAC2014 – Day #1 Quick Recap

There was lots of exciting presentations and enthusiasm for testing and test automation at Google’s Test Automation Conference. We had a privilege to attend this great event but also the live stream seemed to work pretty well during the first day. If you missed the day #1, here is a quick recap of the most relevant topics for mobile app test automation.

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Testdroid at Google Test Automation Conference

Dear Testdroiders,

One of the most long-awaited event among mobile test automation enthusiasts starts tomorrow – Google Test Automation ConferenceThe Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google. It brings together engineers from industry and academia to discuss advances in test automation and the test engineering computer science field. It is a great opportunity to present, learn, and challenge modern testing technologies and strategies.

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Meet Testdroid at Google Test Automation Conference 2013

Google Test Automation Conference 2013
Google Test Automation Conference 2013

Google’s Test Automation Conference (GTAC2013) will be held in Google New York office on Apr 23-24. This is already 7th time when world class test automation experts gather together to exchange best practices and demonstrate their successes in large scale test automation. This year’s theme is Testing media and mobile with presentations from companies like Expedia, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Mozilla and naturally from Goole’s own test automation experts who will give some light on how to do test automation at Google scale.

From mobile test automation point of view presentations of special interest on Day 1 include Mozilla’s How Do You Test a Mobile OS, Expedia’s Mobile automation in Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Facebook’s How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android. On day 2 there are several interesting presentations from the hosts of this great event. First they will present Breaking the Matrix – Android Testing at Scale and then a presentation on Android UI Automation by the team behind the very promising UI Automator framework. Finally a presentation on Building Scalable Mobile Test Infrastructure for Google+ Mobile should give good pointers what needs to be considered when you are targeting extreme scale for your test infrastructure.

On true Google style all presentations will be streamed live and will also be available on YouTube for everyone to learn from the best test automation gurus in the planet. The videos to the presentations can be found here. There is also a Google+ page for GTAC 2013 where you can follow the live action.

As an important part of this ecosystem Bitbar is also invited and we will be demoing the latest on Testdroid. We will give a sneak preview of test recorder that creates Google UI Automator test scripts as well as showing our state of the art Testdroid App Crawler with advanced Activity Lens – an extremely easy way to visualize and compare the test execution results across devices.