What You Should Know About App Testing During Development

Bugs are evil for your mobile applications, games and websites. They surely are the ultimate reason why your app doesn’t get 100 million downloads from app markets. That’s why you need to do app testing. To get the most out of your testing efforts, getting involved with app testing as early as possible in the development phase is the best way to ensure good quality, on time and with less overall effort and costs.

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The Status of Android Hardware and Software – from App Developer’s Point of View

Hello Testdroiders!

During Q1’2014 we conducted a major research using our data from Testdroid Cloud test runs, tests and Android devices. For this research, we wanted to focus on both hardware and software aspects and how those are causing challenges for developers building their apps and games for an array of different mobile devices.


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Rely only on Real – Emulators vs. Devices

The mobile market continues to evolve and grow. This is evidenced by the large number of handset manufacturers that continue to churn out devices, the choice of different mobile operating systems, even the type of design that ranges from tablets to minis to standard sizes.

Given the rise in mobile use, companies and brands are turning more and more towards developing mobile applications and launching them into the market for consumers. However, the sheer number of possible mobile configurations can present a challenge for developers of these applications. Ensuring that an app works well on a large number of devices is crucial to avoid bugs and frustrated users.

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