Dashboards and Reports – How Do You Measure and Improve App Testing?

Testing Dashboards and Reports for Better Measurements and Improvements
Testing Dashboards and Reports for Better Measurements and Improvements

Today there are many automation tools that companies are working with. It’s evident that not every process around baking quality into mobile apps is perceived the same. In my 10 years working for enterprise and startups there always seems to be one thing that teams tend to overlook. It’s rather simple, but as engineers we sometimes make our lives harder than it has to be. This is especially true when we are faced with a business process related to do items.

If you’re working in a large organization you might know what I am talking about. It’s what you get asked for at the end of every sprint and before being ready to release to production. The “thing” I am referring to is a report. 

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Introducing Testdroid Recorder 2.0 with major improvements

We are very proud to introduce a new significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder which integrates now nicely with Testdroid Cloud and helps Testdroid Recorder users to really make the most of all the real Android devices available in Testdroid Cloud. The biggest changes and improvements in version 2.0 are:

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Testdroid Recorder 1.1.13 is out with great new features

Hi all,

A new and significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder is out and this time our development team has really really delivered good stuff – and plenty of it! Here are the new features and improvements in Testdroid Recorder:

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Testdroid Recorder 0.9.5.alpha is out!

First trial version of Testdroid Recorder Alpha has been out for few weeks now and we have been overwhelmed with the positive response it has received and the sheer amount of downloads every day!

Naturally as the product is still in Alpha there are some issues to fix and we have had very good defect reports from our Alpha users. We are fixing these issues on continuous basis and will be releasing the fixes every second week. We are also preparing a list of known issues as well as a list of all Android UI widgets that Testdroid Recorder currently recognizes.

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