Upcoming Update on iOS Capabilities and iOS Devices

Bitbar Public Cloud - Bitbar Testing
Bitbar Public Cloud - Bitbar Testing

Dear Bitbar Testing users,

There will be a big change related to our iOS capabilities during the next release update. The release is scheduled to start on next Tuesday May 23rd at 11PM PST / Wednesday May 24th at 8AM CET. And it takes about 2 hours for the update and maintenance.

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We Cordially Invite You to the Testdroid Cloud for iOS Beta Program

Location:  In the Cloud

Date:  Starting July 23, 2013

Dress code:  All variants of iPhones and iPads

Hosted by:  Team Testdroid

RSVP:  cloud.testdroid.com

Close your eyes for a second and imagine this blog post as a hand-delivered, ribbon-wrapped, letterpress invitation on card-weight cotton made by hand at a centuries-old paper mill.

We think it’s that special.

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