BDD for XCUITest with Swift Protocols and Extensions

In the last post on DRY XCUITest with Base classes, we have abstracted our code in the base classes in order to avoid the duplication of the code. We have achieved this using the object-oriented inheritance approach. However, Swift is a protocol-oriented language, and we will see how we can use Swift protocols and extension to make our XCUITests more human readable. We will apply Behaviour-Driven Development a.k.a BDD in the methodology for our XCUITest.

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How to Get Started with EarlGrey – iOS Functional UI Testing Framework

Dear Testdroiders,

Few weeks ago Google announced in their blog that they have open sourced their internal iOS test automation framework called EarlGrey. As this is used internally with Google’s functional app testing and for example YouTube, Calendar, Photos, Play Music and some others are getting tested using this framework. Naturally, we have tested this framework out and it seems an interesting choice as a test automation framework suitable for several types of apps as well. There are lots of similarities between EarlGrey for iOS and Espresso for Android so let’s have a glance on what EarlGrey really is about.

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Testdroid Webinars Guide You to the Era of Mobile Test Automation

If we say half of success of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company relies on its unbeatable softwares, then the other half comes to its awesome service. As you know, our 24-hour email support is one of the most appreciated services, making us stand out from the competition. To improve our customer service to the next level, we are rolling out Testdroid Webinars starting from Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013.

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Getting Started with iOS Test Automation

In this July, Apple published a check list for app developers breaking down iTunes App Store usage by operating system, demonstrating that most of the iOS user base is running the latest version of the OS. According to Apple’s metrics, 94 percent of its customers use iOS 6, five percent are on iOS 5, and the remaining one percent are on a prior iteration. As Apple users are about to get a massive hit with new iOS7, let’s look at the some of the reasons why testing of iOS apps and games is becoming even more important for developers.

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Greetings to Droidcon London visitors

Dear Droidcon London visitors,

Droidcon London has a special place in the Testdroid story that has already now become a raving success. It was just a year ago in Droidcon London where we first announced plans for creating a cloud service focused on automating testing of Android applications on real Android devices. To demo our plans we had a case of 12 devices running hundreds of tests during the two days of Droidcon and hundreds of interested developers signed up for the invitation of our private beta. Now one year, 150 devices and thousands of users later we can safely say that we did not anticipate even in our wildest dreams how strong the demand for such service would be.

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