Upcoming Webinar: Getting Started with XCTest and XCUITest for iOS App Testing

Reserve your seat now and mark it on your calendar! Our next webinar will cover how you can use XCTest/XCUITest to write reliable scripts for iOS app testing. The webinar will include a Q&A session at the end so join us to ask our expert if you are new or have questions on XCTest/XCUITest.

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Getting Started with KIF for Functional iOS UI Testing

Since the deprecation of UI Automation from the latest Xcode there has been lots of buzz around XCTest and XCUITest. These frameworks have served many of you since Xcode 5 and many of you have used frameworks that are build on top of XCTest implementation. KIF – Keep It Functional – is a great example of those frameworks.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what KIF has to offer for UI test automation and how to get started with it.

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